Identity Meditation

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Identity Meditation

This is something I’ve begun to do recently. It’s a variation of Tom Bilyeu’s thinkitation, where just after you’ve finished doing your standard meditating, you shift your focus to a more contemplative awareness of the kind of person you want to grow into today.

Because remember, you’re always growing into a new you everyday. And while you COULD just grow into a new you that’s exactly like the old you, it’s also possible to grow into someone who makes slightly different choices.One micro-improvement a day results in a macro-breakthrough in a year.

In this meditative time, you can explore the nuances of how the person you want to be would feel, think and act in the different arenas of your life. Imagine scenarios where you’ve run into challenges, and feel out how the identity you want to develop would show up to that situation.

It’s a powerful meditation that highlights all the little ways you can further close the gap between who you have been and who you want to become. And something becomes highlighted in your experience, that’s when it actually becomes possible for you to step into it and be it.

Just like they say it in one of my daughter’s favourite shows, Magic School Bus – Rides Again, you can be what you see.

Do the meditation today. See the effect it has for you.

If you like it, repeat it again tomorrow.

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